NASA began fundraising through the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform for the production of perfumes with the smell of space.

The fragrance will be created based on notes and impressions of astronauts who have already been in outer space. NASA has already designed the 120 ml bottle and came up with a name for the fragrance – Eau de Space.

In 2008, NASA signed a contract with Steve Pearce, chemist and the founder of Omega Ingredients, a company focused on creating the highest quality, natural flavors, and ingredients for the food and beverage industry. Pearce had to concentrate on astronauts' recollections of going out into outer space to bring the smell of space into reality.

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Astronauts described the smell of space as a mixture of ozone, hot metal and fried steak, raspberries, and even rum. Some astronauts compared the scent of space with something burnt and a little bitter as a gun's smell after a shot. NASA began to use these smells in preparation for space missions as part of space modeling. It allows astronauts to get used to a specific scent in orbit.

It was planned to raise only $1,969 on the crowdfunding platform, but the agency has already received more than $300,000. The first batch of perfumes will be available for those who have already pre-ordered Eau de Space. Next year, NASA is planning to present a second perfume, which will be called The Smell of the Moon.