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Cannabis rains down from the sky in Israel

In Tel Aviv (Israel), packets with marijuana fall right from the sky onto your head, that's what holy land means. Such a witty marketing trick was invented by drug dealers to promote their business. To delight passers-by, future Pablo Escobars from Israel threw over a hundred packages of free marijuana into the streets of the city using drones. In each package, drug dealers carefully left a business card with the name of the delivery service, their contacts, and the phrase "free love."

Hooligan goat ate documents in a police car

In the US state of Georgia, a goat entered an unlocked police car, ate working papers, and then attacked a police officer. The incident was filmed with a local sheriff's assistant's camcorder. It turned out that the police officer arrived at the address and left the car unlocked, in case it was necessary to escape from the attack of inadequate residents of the house. A goat was grazing nearby. As soon as the sheriff's deputy left, the animal somehow entered the car and began to eat important work papers. It is unknown whether the goat or its owners will be punished.

Lonely penguin in the zoo entertains himself with cartoons

In the zoo of the Australian city of Perth lives a chick of a crested penguin named Pierre. There are no representatives of his species there, and so that the penguin is not bored and lonely, he is shown cartoons about crested penguins. And the park staff declare with absolute certainty that Pierre loves cartoons! Pierre was found thrown ashore. Now he is in a rehabilitation center at the zoo. The penguin has problems swimming, so it is dangerous to release the animal into the natural environment just yet.

Macallan is the best gift for any child

28-year-old Matthew Robson from the English city of Taunton used to receive a bottle of expensive whiskey from his father for his birthday every year. The father assures that, of course, his son received not only alcohol for his birthdays. But the bottles of whiskey had their own symbolism – by the 18th anniversary, his son had had 18 bottles of 18-year-old whiskey. Now Robson Jr. decided to use his gift, but not for its intended purpose: he will sell the collection of whiskey for 40 thousand pounds, and use the proceeds for the first installment to purchase his own house.

Parrot recorded a cover of Beyoncé's song "If I Were A Boy"

A yellow-crowned amazon named Chico, who lives in a wildlife park in Boston (Lincolnshire, England) sang Beyoncé's song "If I Were A Boy" and became famous.

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Chico sings #Beyoncé classic #lincswildlife

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As it turned out, Chico sings not only Beyoncé’s songs – his repertoire also includes Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" and Katy Perry's "Firework."

This is how the same song sounds as performed by Beyoncé herself:

A sculptor has made a portrait of Donald Trump from two thousand dildos

You can see how it looks here. Cleveland-based American sculptor Stephen Munka has prepared for Donald Trump's upcoming election campaign in his own way: he created a portrait of the president from 2020 copper dildos. The size of the sculpture is 3.6 meters by 6 meters, and its weight is almost two tons. Now the portrait is in Munka’s studio, but it is not yet complete. All 2020 dildos will need to be attached to transport it.

It will cost a lot, so Munka launched a fundraiser on the Kickstarter platform. The sculptor pledges to complete the sculpture and follow Trump's motorcade during the presidential tour. This is how the artist demonstrates Trump's "true face."