The latest update from Apple, iOS 17.3, introduces two exciting features to enhance the experience of Apple Music users. The standout addition is collaborative playlists, allowing users to join forces with friends and family in curating the perfect music collection.

Collaborative Playlists

As the name suggests, this feature lets you collaborate on playlists with others. You can invite friends to contribute tracks to a shared playlist, making it an excellent tool for planning the soundtrack to parties, road trips, or any group activity. What sets this apart is the ability to use emojis to react to specific songs, adding a fun and expressive touch to the collaborative experience.

To get started, simply navigate to a playlist and click the "Collaborate" button next to the download icon. Invite participants, and everyone can add, delete, or reorder songs.

SharePlay in the Car

Another notable addition is SharePlay for car enthusiasts. When streaming music through Apple Music in your car, trusted iPhone devices will receive invitations to join the music session. This feature enables listeners to control the music from their own devices, even if they don't have an Apple Music subscription.

These features bring Apple Music closer to its competitors, like Spotify, which introduced a similar collaborative playlist feature called "Jam" a few months ago. Collaborative playlists were initially expected to launch alongside iOS 17, but their release was postponed until 2024.