Pinterest, the popular visual discovery platform, has introduced its Pinterest Palette for 2024, showcasing the predominant colors set to influence design and creativity in the coming year. This innovative project aims to provide a curated selection of hues inspired by emerging trends identified on the platform.

Drawing from its annual Pinterest Predicts report, which forecasts upcoming trends based on user behavior and search patterns, Pinterest Palette offers a glimpse into the color preferences shaping various aspects of culture and aesthetics.

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By analyzing search terms related to color trends and delving into broader cultural influences such as fashion and interior design, Pinterest has distilled five key colors and their shades for 2024.

The Pinterest Palette for 2024 includes:

  • Desert Orange: A rich, warm hue inspired by trends like vintage-inspired weddings and a resurgence of interest in jazz music.

  • Gummy Pink: A playful combination of dusty pink and vibrant blush tones, departing from the previous dominance of Millennial pink.

  • Aqua Blue: Drawing inspiration from the depths of the ocean, this color reflects a fascination with marine aesthetics and metallic accents.

  • Moss Green: A blend of dark olive and lime green, influenced by tropical themes and outdoor activities like badminton.

  • Mocha Brown: Reflecting the cozy ambiance of cafes and elements of Western gothic style, this color evokes deep caramel tones with hints of gray.

By providing insights into these color trends, Pinterest aims to empower creators, marketers, and designers to make informed decisions in their creative endeavors. Whether it's choosing the perfect palette for a brand campaign or incorporating trending colors into product designs, the Pinterest Palette serves as a valuable resource for staying ahead of the curve in visual trends.

You can explore the full spectrum of Pinterest's 2024 color trends here.