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Pornhub is an online platform that features free pornographic videos. The site was launched in 2007 in Canada and then was bought by MindGeek, a company that focuses on Internet porn, in 2010. Now, the site has more than 1 million signups and can even be used with the PlayStation VR.

Weekly Fun: Dolphin Robot, New Moon Exploration Rules, and Doom on a Calculator

This week’s stories feature a realistic dolphin robot, the end of the career of a comedian who filmed "anti-porn" for Pornhub, and a blogger who runs Doom on a calculator.

The Collins Dictionary Has Chosen Its Word of the Year 2019

Every year, the Collins Dictionary lexicographers compile a list of the most notable words of the year. Usually, there are 10 of them. One of these terms becomes the Word of the Year (WOTY).

Joker Is Getting Views Not Only in Movie Theaters but Also on PornHub

PornHub users were satisfied with the new Joker film, too. Right after the premiere, the frequency of search requests with the supervillain has increased significantly.

PornHub + Ocean Polymers: Non-profit Campaign to Clean Oceans

“The dirtier - the better! But even for us, there is a limit”, said the PornHub Vice President. The adult content generator is excited about the tons of plastic swimming in the oceans.

The July 15 – Things Will Never Be the Same for the British Adult Content Admirers

Under 18? No Adult Video! Britons will have to confirm their age before visiting X-related sites. How would it be?

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