The new Joker appeared not only at the movies but also in the vastness of PornHub. Many people were well satisfied with the premiere. However, some of the viewers decided to continue self-pleasuring in the privacy of their own homes.

According to PornHub, the world’s leading porn site, the frequency of search requests regarding the supervillain Joker has increased since the movie’s premiere.

In the first four days of the film’s release, the users searched for videos with the villain’s participation on PornHub 741 thousand times. On the 6th of October, the weekend, the surge was the biggest reaching 291,628 searches.

However, such activity is not that unique for PornHub as the same growing interest in comic-book characters was detected back in 2016. This was exactly when “Suicide Squad” was released with Harley Quinn as the main character.

In 2018, people searched for Harley again with the number of searches exceeding 10 million.

However, Joker came out only a short while ago and may well catch up with Harley Quinn on the amount of searches.