If you’re going to watch the dirty films for adults, you should know that you help to save the ocean from all the dirt people recklessly through away.

By the “Dirtiest porn ever” campaign PornHub showed their anxiousness about the global ecological problems and readiness to support the noble cause.

PornHub made the provocative video to donate costs to non-profit Ocean Polymers and attract its audience to the issue. And what’s more important to stimulate the awareness of society.

The Vice President of PornHub Corey Price confessed that their company has the motto: “The dirtier - the better! But even for us, there is a limit”.
PornHub made provocative video to donate costs to non-profit Ocean Polymers.

Corey also admitted the bitter facts that almost 13 tons of plastic waste settled down in the depth of the ocean poisoning life of marine species. Moreover, if humanity continues at this pace, flora and fauna will perish in 30 years.

So, the PornHub filmed a clip with a couple walking down the polluted beach. Several flashes of erotic fragments make the atmosphere steamy, infatuating viewers to see hot scenes and aroused bodies. But suddenly it all is spoiled with the disgusting dunes of trash and the cleaning service busy with gathering all that mess.

The crisis of the plastic overconsumption has sharpened over the last years, and the tons of garbage turn into mountains and grabs wider and wider territories. Heavenly beautiful wild beaches are no longer picturesque as now trash takes sunbaths instead of being recycled or collected in the specified place.

The easiest way to join the eco-campaign is to browse the video mentioned above, which is available in censored and full version on YouTube and the official PornHub platform respectively.