In Handy Tips, we find ways to improve your life and make it easier and explain why these tips work. Today, we will tell you about sure ways of getting rid of annoying people with whom you do not get along.

Escaping from a talkative and impolite person is not easy. Well, we are such people, too. Therefore, we have collected several ways that are guaranteed to discourage others from distracting you with annoying conversations.

Where: at the bar, on the street, in a stadium.

Who: an absolute stranger.

Pretend that the bore does not exist in your life. Don't look them in the eye, don't react to their jokes, nod at the wrong time a couple of times, and say "OK" in the most indifferent tone possible.

An opponent who does not receive emotional feedback is likely to go looking for a new victim. If not, look in the direction of any distant table, stand up sharply, raise your hand with a smile, and rush towards your "best friend." In fact, you can just ask for a light or lie: "It seemed to me that we studied together."

5 Signs a Person Is Getting Bored of You
If your interlocutor does not yawn after the second minute of talking to you, perhaps he/she is really interested. Or you simply do not notice other signals that indicate one’s desire to escape.

Where: on a plane, on a train.

Who: still an absolute stranger who you will need to deal with for the next few hours.

Show right away that you are not in the mood for conversation. Take out a book, a tablet, ask loudly for earplugs, and put them into the talkative companion’s mouth. Pretend that you do not understand the interlocutor. Smile pointlessly at them and go on with your business. Grab a Spanish magazine from your bag.

Where: at the office.

Who: colleagues, managers.

If you are distracted by carefree coworkers, nervously declare that you forgot about an important meeting with your superiors and that is why you are in a hurry. Tell the boss that you promised to help a colleague.

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Where: at home.

Who: close relatives, your partner, kids.

Get sick suddenly. An acute migraine attack or abdominal pain is just right. If you need to finish a telephone conversation, oddly enough, say directly that you are busy now, and you will call back. But spice it up with a light romantic phrase: "You know, I dreamed about you today! I'll tell you a little later, cause my cat has cut through the gas pipe."