They say it's hard to meet a decent girl on the street. But in fact, it's hard to meet the indecent ones, too. We know very well who lives on this street – maniacs, killers, crazy people, and bores who will follow you for half an hour, begging you to give them your phone number.

Of course, not every girl imagines meeting on the street being this gloomy. There are young ladies who almost do not have such prejudices. The only problem with such young ladies is that they are fourteen years old, there are always two or three of them, giggling non-stop and wearing their mother's shoes.

The cruelty of this rule is to some extent mitigated by the fact that there is no this kind of street in the world as such. But there are a lot of bars, clubs, exhibitions, rock concerts, rallies in defense of political prisoners, shops, buses, and festivities. That is, places where a girl with a clear conscience can explain to a stranger young man how to go to the bakery, and not feel like a fool.

Nevertheless, sometimes we can get to know you on the street. Yes, the most real, simple street, without any excuses. Just make sure to make us stop and answer you something, so that in these few seconds, we could appreciate all your unearthly sex appeal and extraordinary harmlessness. There are several options for making a dizzying acquaintance.

1. Ask a standard street question

This is done by 90 percent of everyone who tries to approach a girl on the street. Its effectiveness partly justifies the banality of this approach. At least, as a decent person, I will have to stop and start diligently remembering whether it is possible to walk along this street to the center if everything has been dug up there with big yellow excavators.

The problem with this method is that after the detailed plan for relocating your body to the city center is drawn up, we have nothing more to talk about, and all the norms of social ethics now require us to bow and say goodbye forever. Therefore, it will be best to figure out in which direction the beauty will go and try to tag along.

Since you are heading in the same direction, let her take you to the second turn to the right in the direction of the Chinese embassy. This way, five impossible seconds will turn into a couple of very real minutes. And just don't say that you can't make a girl fall in love with you in these two minutes.

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2. Get her attention with a silly trick

This method is very often shown in the movies. Indeed, it is much more enjoyable for viewers to watch the hero fall into a puddle, walk on his hands along the street, break a shop window with his head or do somersaults on the spot, than to watch him, mumbling and twirling a strap in his fingers, asks the heroine: "Would you please just tell me what time it is?"

But in the harsh reality, normal girls decisively speed up their pace and look straight ahead after witnessing such a street incident. Do not recommend under any circumstances.

3. Ask for help

No and no, this does not mean to beg for money, cigarettes, or using her phone for a second to call your mother. This is completely beyond good and evil. Asking for a lighter is much better. You can also pretend to have heart problems and ask for pills.

Or you can ask if the girl has seen a redhead kitten with a bow that ran away from your old neighbor, and you've been looking for it all over the streets for an hour. Will it work? It's a moot point.

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4. Give her a compliment

Also not uncommon, but, in our opinion, completely hopeless method. How do you imagine it? Here I am walking down the street, I see an admiring look, I hear: "God, how beautiful you are!" So what? Do you think I need to stop and demand more? Hell no!

I'd rather leave quickly, smiling to myself, and may the echo of your words keep me in a joyful mood all day long. Complimenting a stranger on the street is a wonderful thing that we will not spoil by getting to know each other.