If you want to attract the attention of specific girls, make them think that everyone else is crazy about you. People often seek to accept the majority's opinion since they are unconsciously afraid of being left alone.

1. Ask for advice

Involve office girls in your games. From time to time, ask them in no case to connect you if a girl calls (you left, went on a business trip, and died there, etc.). If you want to make people talk about you, you need different people to have the same reason to discuss you. At lunchtime, your friends will not miss the opportunity to discuss what happened, and then they will move on to analyzing your previously unnoticed merits.

2. Look like a mess

About once a week, show up in the same clothes you wore the day before at work. And when someone notices it, casually mutter: "I didn't make it back home." Of course, in conditions of a strict dress code, such changes, or rather their absence, will not be too noticeable.

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3. Act modestly

Behave modestly but gracefully and classy. Order a teddy bear delivery to the office in your name. Put a postcard in its paws with the word "XO!" and a print of lips (you will have to kiss yourself, but what else can you do?). When the delivery guy enters the office, get shy and take him out of the room. Come back, carefully hiding the toy behind your back. If the bear is big enough, it will be noticed.

4. Use social media

Thanks to social networks, it has become easier to pretend to be a womanizer. Do this: in the middle of the night, send a message to several girls (but only those who are not familiar with each other!) that says: "I'm on my way," "I'm leaving," or "What kind of champagne did you ask for?"

And in a second, write: "This was not meant for you, sorry!" This way, you will not only give the girl a hint of your eventful nightlife, but also make her angry about the fact that you are not hanging out with her, even if she used to think of you solely as a strange guy in a "Sex Machine" T-shirt.