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Rumors: Telegram Is Sold to

The amount of Telegram’s debt to TON investors is critical, and Telegram does not have its own capital, that's why there are rumors that Telegram is getting ready to be sold to

Apple Showed the World a Unique Video About the Hermitage Shot Entirely on iPhone 11 Pro

In Russia, three cameramen shot a unique film about the Hermitage Museum that lasts more than 5 hours. It is likely to get into the Guinness Book of Records as the new longest film.

Guess Who's Back: The New Stranger Things Teaser “From Russia With Love" Is Now Out

It’s time to rejoice! The new season of "Stranger Things" is on its way. The new teaser surprised the fans of the series.

This Is Not a Joke: Bush Junior and Putin Cutting a Rug at the Kremlin

It’s not post-irony at all – it’s a video published by the Kremlin itself.

Facebook Software Breakdown Impeded the Ordinary Work of the Service

The social media Facebook undergoes some system problems which have already triggered the prompt reaction of users globally.

NY Court Still Has Questions about the SEC Against Telegram Case. Pavel Durov Will Give Testimony

The NY court set a date of the hearing where Mr. Durov will give testimony.

Cows in Russia Wear VR Glasses to Relieve Stress in the Winter Time

Veterinarians and IT specialists believe that cows are more productive if they are happy!

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