Testing of the VR glasses been confirmed on cows from farms in the suburbs of Moscow as the local Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region informed.

The group of employees and IT specialists of one of the largest farms believe that VR glasses can help cows feel happier and relax. The cold winter and low temperature typical to this terrain are quite stressful for animals. So the VR devices were meant to bring the serene picture of the summer field as the productivity of the animal has a direct correlation with its psychological state. So, walking in the green bushy fields can bring more milk.

This fact was also proved by Wageningen University in Holland as the favorable environmental conditions impact the health of cows and, as a result, their ability to produce milk. Researchers from Scotland's Rural College also confirmed the same findings.

The glasses are adjusted for the structure of heads and the visual features of animals, so they don't feel any discomfort. The main task they have to resolve is to put on healthy weight and generate milk in a good mood.

Scientists and veterinarians admitted that the first sessions with VR have good results. Cows are less anxious, and probably they enjoy grazing the fields of virtual reality.