The Netflix streaming service announced that filming of the fourth season of the fantasy Stranger Things series has already begun, and also showed the viewers a new teaser. The video is entitled quite provocatively – "From Russia with love…" The creators decided to continue the storyline with the Russians.

The teaser shows us a snowy forest area where a group of prisoners is paving the way for railways while being at gunpoint.

The main surprise of the trailer is the appearance of the chief of police in Hawkins Jim Hopper (David Harbour), whom few expected to see after the events of the third season finale. Now, Hopper is one of the prisoners.

According to the Duffer brothers (the authors of Stranger Things), Jim Hopper is detained in the snowy Kamchatka Peninsula, where he is in danger. Meanwhile, a new creature appears in the USA – "something long buried, something that connects everything…"

For now, we can only guess how the American ended up in Kamchatka. The creators urge to pray for the character of David Harbour, intriguing with promises that the fourth season will be "the largest and most frightening."

The third season of Stranger Things was released on July 4, setting an absolute record for an online movie theater – more than 40 million Netflix subscribers watched the series in four days. Announcing the fourth season in September 2019, the authors confirmed in a short teaser that the action would move beyond the native town of Hawkins, where the events of the previous three seasons unfolded.

The release date of the fourth season, the number of episodes, and the cast have not yet been announced.

Earlier, the creators of the project, the Duffer brothers, said that Stranger Things would go on for at least four to five seasons. So most likely, the fifth season will also happen, especially given how popular the show is.