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Spotify is a digital music streaming service headquartered in Sweden. It was launched in 2008 and now provides access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from international artists. Spotify is currently available almost everywhere in North America and Europe, but users in South Korea or Russia cannot access the service for now.

Spotify Introduced a New Feature for Creating Custom Workout Playlists

The new feature allows you to create personalized playlists for your new workout routines. To have a custom playlist generated, users need to take a quiz on the Soundtrack Your Workout website, setting the required parameters.

Music for Working From Home: Apple Music and Spotify Playlists

Concentrating on work when you have to stay at home may be far too difficult, especially if your family or relatives are around. Listening to pleasant music can help, though, that’s why we chose some of the best playlists for you.

Spotify Introduces Pet Playlists to Make Your Doggo Happy

Ever dreamed of personalized playlists for your pets? Well, dreams come true: Spotify’s new feature called “Pet Playlists” will gather personalized music for your beloved animals.

Spotify to Stop Political Advertising

Spotify followed the steps of Twitter and TikTok: in 2020, the company will abandon political advertising.

Microsoft Innovations on the Fall Presentation. Gadgets They Are Proud to Show

Microsoft showed upcoming gadgets. The Surface hardware lineup presentation in New-York.

Facebook Announced the New Cryptocurrency Issue — Libra and Its Virtual Wallet

Rumours turn into reality! Facebook announced the new cryptocurrency and its virtual wallet.

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