TikTok is expanding its influence in the music industry. The platform's latest feature, "Add to Music App," allows users to save their favorite songs directly to popular streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Screenshots depicting how the new feature works
Image: TikTok

This new functionality is available for iOS users in the United States and the United Kingdom, with plans for further expansion to other regions. To use the feature, TikTok users simply need to click the "Add Music" button that appears next to the track name at the bottom of a TikTok video. Upon the first use, users can choose their preferred music platform, making it easy to save songs for future listening.

TikTok's influence on the music industry has been substantial, with songs trending on the platform often making their way to the Billboard charts and artists finding global recognition. This new feature reinforces TikTok's role as a music discovery tool and strengthens its partnership with major music streaming services.

TikTok Introduces AI Content Labeling for Enhanced Transparency
Creators on TikTok will now have the responsibility of disclosing whether their videos or photos were created with the assistance of AI tools. To achieve this, a distinct “AI” label will be prominently displayed below the username in the corner of videos.

TikTok's Ole Obermann, Global Head of Music Business Development, explained, "TikTok is already the world's most powerful platform for music discovery and promotion, which helps artists connect with our global community to drive engagement with their music. Add to Music App takes this process a step further, creating a direct link between discovery on TikTok and consumption on a music streaming service, making it easier than ever for music fans to enjoy the full length song on the music streaming service of their choice, thereby generating even greater value for artists and rightsholders."

With TikTok's growing influence in the music world, this feature aims to enhance the music discovery experience and create new opportunities for artists to connect with their audience.