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Instagram Tests the Like Hiding Feature All Over the World

Instagram believes that sanity and humanity will win and the self-censored users can breathe freely.

The New Head of HTC Gave the Reasons Why Company Failed in the Smartphone Market

HTC lost its high position among smartphone manufacturers due to infrequent hardware modernization.

Avast Antivirus Explored and Defeated Harmfull Botnet For Mining

Avast and French police hacked and forced the self-destruction of the botnet for mining cryptocurrency, which involved 850,000 computers.

The Grand Data Theft. Another Facebook Failure

419 million phone numbers of Facebook users, including U.S and Britain residents, have leaked to the global network. Facebook said it's an old case.

Facebook Is Testing Function Which Conceal "Like" Number

In the nearest future, Facebook will hide the "Like" counter in the news feed. The social network want to protect users from self-censorship specifying that the number of likes can destructively influence the self-concept.

The Location Data of Family Locator Users Was Publicly Available

The popular app Family Locator have a bug which made the location of more than 238,000 users available in the public domain. The details of users’ location, their names, addresses, emails, profile images, and passwords were stored on the unencrypted server.

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