Facebook is currently testing a function which can hide the number of likes left under the post. The security specialist Jane Manchun Won from Hong Kong wrote about it her blog.

In the nearest future, Facebook will hide the "Like" counter in the news feed. The specialists of the social network want to protect users from self-censorship specifying that the number of likes can destructively influence the self-concept. Users can start comparing themselves with others and probably dissuade users from overpaying for promoting posts to get more likes and "seem more popular."

Jane Manchun Won noticed that the social network had created prototypes of hidden likes in the Android app. TechCrunch confirmed in the company's press service that Facebook is going to introduce the feature of hiding likes. If the social network continues to test the functionality, it will be introduced gradually, but if it significantly affects advertising revenue, the company will return everything back.

Now, the likes and reactions in Facebook's testing are hidden from anyone but the creator of the post. The list of people who rated the post is still available in addition to the number of likes and reactions. In July this year, the company run the same test with Instagram in 7 countries, including Canada and Brazil.