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What Downloads Together with Media Files from WhatsApp and Telegram Apps?

WhatsApp and Telegram messengers can install scam program when downloading files. Android users should be aware of.

Google Quit Listening of Voice Requests from Assistant

Google experts know what you need and what you do. The system records all the Assistant requests: data leakage and federal investigation.

The Location Data of Family Locator Users Was Publicly Available

The popular app Family Locator have a bug which made the location of more than 238,000 users available in the public domain. The details of users’ location, their names, addresses, emails, profile images, and passwords were stored on the unencrypted server.

Insecure Passwords. The Solution Path to Enhance the Security of Users

Please insert your login and password to enter your account – this is the globally-known routine when a user tries to reach his profile. But lately, one pressing point came along: Is it reliable and sufficient enough? Lots of experts claim that password account protection doesn’t provide much safety as

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