WhatShed, a UK-based gardening company, is looking for a virtual landscape gardener in Minecraft, a popular video game with more than 130 million monthly active users. Tasks will include helping other players greening their in-game outdoor space.

Consultants will be paid more than £50 per hour for these services, with the option to set their rates and work flexibly. Applicants for this position must be well-versed in Minecraft so that the client could receive real-time advice on how to improve the look of their garden.

In addition to the knowledge of the game, the applicants must have strong communication skills, a love for nature, a creative approach to work, confidence in working remotely, and gardening experience will also be a great advantage.

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Players who hire virtual gardeners will invite them to visit their virtual world to discuss their desired styles and find practical solutions for the fixed budget. Consultants should also be able to model several different designs and suggest combinations so that players could come back to them later.

The company itself said that the reason for launching such a service is to spread the hobby of gardening in virtual reality at a time when a lot of people cannot devote more time to this in real life because of the pandemic.