Google has unveiled a new feature called Circle to Search, allowing users to search for anything on their smartphones with a simple gesture, without the need to switch between apps. This intuitive visual search feature will be available on select premium Android smartphones, including Google's Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, as well as Samsung's new Galaxy S24 series.

With Circle to Search, users can activate the feature by long-pressing the home button or navigation bar on their Android phones, making it accessible from any app or screen. The user can then circle, highlight, or tap on any object, whether it's text or an image, to initiate a search. This innovation eliminates the need to take screenshots, switch apps, or go through cumbersome steps to find information.

Google's Circle to Search also builds on its multisearch feature, which allows users to refine visual searches by adding complex questions. For instance, you can take a photo of a plant, add it to your search, and ask questions like "How often should I water this plant?" This feature provides in-depth answers to various queries, making it a versatile tool for curious users.

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While Circle to Search is currently available on a limited selection of premium Android smartphones, the updated multisearch feature is accessible through the Google app for Android and iOS devices, but only in the United States for now.