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Twitter, Now X, to Add Voice and Video Calls to the Platform

This expansion is part of X's broader strategy to become a multifunctional platform. X has already taken steps to broaden its offerings, such as allowing subscribers to upload videos up to two hours long and paying content creators with a substantial following.

Elon Musk to Remove the Block Feature from Former Twitter Platform X

The potential elimination of the block feature raises concerns about user safety and privacy, as blocking serves as a crucial tool to prevent unwanted interactions and harassment. Blocking restricts users from interacting with, viewing, and following an account.

Twitter Rebrands Itself as X as the Blue Bird Logo Disappears

The new X logo, stylized in black and white, has replaced the bird logo both on the web and mobile versions. Musk envisions the new X platform as an "everything app" that will combine communication, multimedia exchange, and financial transactions.

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