In a bid to transform X (formerly Twitter) into an "everything app," CEO Linda Yaccarino has announced the addition of voice and video calls to the platform. This expansion is part of X's broader strategy to become a multifunctional platform that includes long-form videos, payments, and creator subscriptions.

The move follows a cryptic post by X designer Andrea Conway, hinting at calls on the platform. While the crowded video chat landscape already includes Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Apple FaceTime, and more, X sees itself as evolving into a global town square for various media, communications, and payments.

Yaccarino explained, "At the heart of the rebrand, X, we need to keep our minds open that it's developing into this global town square that is fueled by free expression where the public gathers in real time."

X has already taken steps to broaden its offerings, such as allowing subscribers to upload videos up to two hours long and paying content creators with a substantial following. The platform envisions itself as a place for payments, creating a seamless interface for communication, entertainment, and transactions.

Elon Musk to Remove the Block Feature from Former Twitter Platform X
The potential elimination of the block feature raises concerns about user safety and privacy, as blocking serves as a crucial tool to prevent unwanted interactions and harassment.Blocking restricts users from interacting with, viewing, and following an account.

Elon Musk is focused on product design and technology, while Yaccarino oversees the company's operations.