The social media platform formerly known as Twitter has completed its rebrand to, marking a new era under the ownership of Elon Musk. This change was announced by the platform after a gradual and complex transition process.

The rebranding began last year when Musk first introduced the X logo, steering away from Twitter's well-known bird emblem. Despite the change in visual identity and system updates, the website's URL remained as until now. As of the latest update, all traffic to the old URL is redirected to, though users have reported mixed results during the transition.

Twitter Rebrands Itself as X as the Blue Bird Logo Disappears
The new X logo, stylized in black and white, has replaced the bird logo both on the web and mobile versions. Musk envisions the new X platform as an “everything app” that will combine communication, multimedia exchange, and financial transactions.

The rebrand includes more than just a URL change. TweetDeck has been renamed to XPro and the subscription formerly known as Twitter Blue has transitioned to X Premium. The company assures users that despite these changes, their privacy and data protection settings will remain unchanged.

This move is not just a renaming but a complete overhaul of the brand, aiming to expand the platform’s functionalities and possibly mimic the all-encompassing nature of apps like WeChat, which Musk has often cited as an inspiration.

X Launches New Premium+ and Basic Subscription Tiers
Premium+ subscribers can enjoy an ad-free experience across their For You and Following feeds. This subscription also includes access to various creator tools. On the other hand, Basic subscribers will receive a smaller reply boost.

Musk, who initially founded a company under the URL in 1999, which later merged into PayPal, has reclaimed the domain to embody his vision for a new, integrated social media landscape.