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KFC Introduced KFConsole, a ‘Rival’ to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

This console, as well as its announcement, certainly looks like a parody on the way Sony and Microsoft present their products. KFConsole may well be just a joke, but the timing is just right for the hype.

An Unknown Hacker Stole the Source Code for AMD's Big Navi and Xbox Series X GPU “Arden” and Tried to Sell It for $100 Million

An Unknown hacker stole the source code for the Big Navi and Arden GPUs. He says that if no buyer appears, he will leak the data on the Internet. The hacker is trying to sell stolen info for $100 million.

Microsoft Unveiled Some Hardware Details and Specs of the New-Generation Xbox Series X Console

The company says that the new-generation console will be defined by three primary characteristics, which are Power, Speed, and Compatibility.

Even After 10 Years, GTA V Is Still on the Top 20 List of Best-Selling Games in the US

Grand Theft Auto V is still chart-topping. Over the last ten years, GTA V has been the first on the Top 20 List of best-selling games in the USA.

Microsoft Presented a New Generation of Xbox at The Game Awards

At this year’s Game Awards, Microsoft has announced the new Xbox Series X with a completely new design.

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