Microsoft is back with its annual tradition of releasing quirky holiday sweaters, and this year's design is a nostalgic nod to the iconic Windows XP Bliss desktop background. Priced at $69.99, the sweater features a stylized version of the famous wallpaper, complete with fluffy clouds in a blue sky and green rolling hills.

A model wearing Microsoft's 2023 ugly Christmas sweater
Image: Microsoft

What makes this sweater even more special is that the wallpaper image isn't a digital creation but a real photograph taken in 1996 in Sonoma County, California, by photographer Charles O'Rear. Microsoft acquired the rights to this image in 2000, and it has remained a beloved part of computing history.

In line with the holiday spirit, Microsoft has incorporated an oversized mouse cursor into the sweater's design, adding a playful touch to the iconic imagery.

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The sweaters are available in limited quantities, and some sizes have already sold out. However, customers can request notifications for restocked sizes. Microsoft has pledged to contribute a portion of the proceeds from sweater sales to The Nature Conservancy, an environmental organization dedicated to protecting our planet.

This annual tradition of creating tech-themed holiday sweaters has become a fan favorite. If you're looking to blend nostalgia and holiday cheer this season, don't miss your chance to grab a piece of computing history in sweater form.