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A curious life observer and news hunter by nature, Margot is a copywriter and an editor. Having practical experience in various positions of the ever-changing newsrooms, she served as an editor, reporter, and web producer for news organizations in San Diego. Competent in global and business events, she creates the front-rank content. First and foremost, she always tries to keep it simple. This is a rule she follows not only in work but also in life in general. Margot loves trying new things and developing in different areas, that is why once she decided to join the Internet Protocol team and focus on tech-related topics.

Quiz: Are You Ready for the Discovery of Alien Life?

Are you ready for an alien invasion? Surviving an alien attack is not an easy task. Therefore, we have prepared a test for you to find out whether you have a chance to stay alive if "little green men" from other planets fly to Earth.

Quiz: How Much of a Glutton Are You?

Do you fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning thinking about sausages? Or, on the contrary, chew on lettuce in fear of gaining weight? Take our test and find out if you are a glutton.

Quiz: What's Your Spending Personality?

We love spending money! Especially if there is some in one’s purse. However, even if there is not any, we still love to spend money. And what about you?

Quiz: How Many Of These Celebrities Are Natural Redheads?

Redhead actresses always stand out from the crowd of brunettes and blondes. After all, this hair color is not for everyone. Can you guess which of these stars have naturally red hair, and who has dyed it?

Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Fifty Shades of Grey?

Millions of people have already watched Fifty Shades of Grey, and millions more will do this at some point. So that you do not feel like you have wasted two hours of your life on nothing, we suggest that you find out how attentively you watched the popular movie.

Quiz: What Movie Do These Shoes Belong To?

We admit that we could not recognize which shoes were the creation of Prada from The Devil Wears Prada, and which were made by Gucci and shown in Sex and the City. Let’s check how many shoes from the movies you can guess!

Quiz: Can You Pass a Basic Cooking Test?

Of course, we are all strong and independent, but the ability to cook is a good bonus, as you can feed your loved ones (you can’t always go to restaurants). Take our quiz and find out what kind of chef you are!

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