Please insert your login and password to enter your account – this is the globally-known routine when a user tries to reach his profile. But lately, one pressing point came along: Is it reliable and sufficient enough? Lots of experts claim that password account protection doesn’t provide much safety as the authorization method while the data loss proves this disappointing fact on different webs.

On March 2019, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C, the community that develops and implements the technological standards for the cyberspace) approved the authorization standard known as WebAuthn (Web Authentication) which can replace passwords.

The essence of this technology involves owing of particular identification device to enter an account of any platform. One can use the standard security key which connects to the USB port on PC as well as a more advanced gadget, for instance, the smartphone which supports the biometric identification with a fingerprint scanner. The significant advantage of WebAuthn is the higher security comparing to passwords, besides the latter require memorizing.

The WebAuthn specification was yet announced last year and today the topmost browsers suchlike Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox support it. Dropbox and Microsoft also engrafted technology. Thus, the official maintenance can help to accelerate its functioning on various platforms.