Google stopped listening to the voice recordings they get through Google Assistant. The recent leak made the company change the mechanism of processing the audio requests. The problem emerged by the fault of experts who were in charge of the analysis of users’ requests.

The Federal Data Protection Commission of Germany is going to conduct the arbitration and check whether the wiretapping, storage, and analysis of voice command with standards. The commission can prohibit any data handling by Google, in order to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens and detect violations.

Google reported they paused the voice request analysis in Europe on July 10, just the moment they’ve found out about the leakage and before the commission initiated the investigation.

The company also added that they don’t match audio with users’ accounts during records processing. Moreover, only 0,2% of all the voice commands collected by Assistant fall under expertise.

Earlier Apple gave up on assessment of the Siri voice request by the experts in virtue of privacy compliance.