Spanish inventors introduced the Exxite cycling startup and a new electric bike X One.

The steering wheel is equipped with a touchscreen display and recognition function inside. E-bike can identify the face of its owner, together with a bunch of other "smart" features.

Amid other handy tools, the smart bike displays the battery level and your current speed. The built-in light sensor on the frame helps to detect the lighting conditions around you, and it automatically switches on the front or rear headlights. Also, the rider can activate them with voice control as well as the GPS.

In case you are going to turn left or right, the two LEDs on the steering wheel will signal your direction to other drivers. But no buttons or triggers needed as the smartphone camera recognizes the turn of the head of the rider by the parameter kinetic feature, and the bike itself will light up the appropriate blinker.

Customers can buy this marvelous bike in summer 2020, the approximate price - $4,000. But now Rayvolt is raising funds for the production of the X One model with the support of the Indiegogo website for crowdfunding, where participants can buy the e-bike for $4,000.

Enjoy the teaser below!