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Virtual Reality (VR) is created employing alternative reality computer technologies. They can transfer users to the alternative 3D reality and make them experience real-life senses. During a VR session, one can touch, hear, see, and smell things in a designed environment. Computer systems and specialized tools like gloves, headsets, and omnidirectional treadmills enhance the illusion of presence. They are especially widely used for a full immersion in video games.

The New Mod for Half-Life: Alyx That Allows You to Play Without a VR Headset Was Introduced

The recently released Half-Life: Alyx game was initially intended only for VR headsets. Now, one modder released a modification for the new Valve game, which allows you to play without a VR headset.

Weekly Fun: Frog Bread, Fake Muscles and Busts, and a Kickflip on a Skateboard With Mac Pro Wheels

This week’s stories feature a recipe for frog bread, a website that sells fake breasts and muscles for online dates, and a kickflip on a skateboard that has Mac Pro wheels for $700.

Apple Acquired a California-Based VR Company NextVR

The NextVR website has changed its slogan to "NextVR is Heading in a New Direction." The company thanked its partners and fans around the world and closed, being completely absorbed by Apple.

Weekly Fun: Spending Bill Gates’ Fortune, the Quarantine Simpsons, and a Dog Stealing False Teeth

This week’s stories feature a groundhog teasing dogs with pizza, Banksy working at home, spending Bill Gates’ fortune, and a BBC weather forecast ending with a drumming session.

Sony Patented a Fuzzy Robot Buddy That Will Keep the Gamers Company

Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed a bizarre patent filed with US Patent and Trademark Office in the form of a robot friend that will allegedly be able to play games with users and even sympathize with them.

Sony Reveals New DualSense Controller for PlayStation 5

Released in 2013, the DualShock 4 wireless controller for the PS4 received many positive reviews from gamers. Sony took it as the basis for the development of DualSense, adding even more functionality.

A Teacher Uses Half-Life: Alyx to Teach Math in Virtual Reality

Charles Coomber, a teacher from San Diego, used Half-Life: Alyx to deliver an online math lesson, where he explained angle vocabulary by making use of the marker feature in the VR game.

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