We are waiting for Bentley's first electric car in 2025. Bentley is not going to lag behind other automotive companies and, therefore, is actively planning to move into the electric car segment. The company's CEO and his team will combine the classic and recognizable Bentley style with new technologies.

There is still no final version of how the future electro model will exactly look like. The leaders have two options. Still, they have not come to a final decision yet. There is no doubt that Bentley will not insert an electric powertrain into one of the cars in its current portfolio.

"We could take one of the existing nameplates, and that could be the first electric car, but we wouldn't take an existing car and try to fit batteries into it, because there's a compromise from a range and efficiency point of view," the company’s CEO Adrian Hallmark explained.

The challenge isn't merely to make an electric Bentley. The British firm wants its first battery-powered model to be worthy of their brand. It means that it must combine effortless power with an acceptable range.

The size of the electric Bentley may be smaller than the Mulsanne model. As an example, the company cited the Jaguar I-Pace, which is almost 14 inches shorter than the Range Rover Land Rover. However, at the same time, it is spacious, because electric motors require less space than a comparable gasoline or diesel engine.

Bentley is in no hurry to launch its first battery-powered model. No matter what it looks like or how it works, it is not expected earlier than 2025. The company, in particular, needs to find out if it can build an electric car on the same assembly line or if it needs to invest in expanding its historical production in Crew, England.