At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, the Chinese company called PuduTech introduced a robot cat that will deliver orders to the restaurant visitors.

PuduTech's BellaBot is a new-generation kind of waiter

The PuduTech waiter is not that simple: it has a name, which is BellaBot, and even a temper – a cute robotic creature meows when it drives up to the table so that the guests would take their order from the tray. BellaBot looks very cute, and besides, it even loves it when you pet it behind the ears. In response to this, it says: "The owner's hand is so warm."

However, it’s not only positive emotions that this robot can have. You can make a robot cat waiter angry. Note that BellaBot also has feelings, and, you know, the cat is actually at work. No flirting or wasting its time is acceptable – if you pet it for too long, BellaBot will get angry with you to let you know that you can’t disturb it while it’s working.

According to PuduTech, a robot cat equipped with four trays will be a very popular assistant for restaurant owners in China, where the lack of waiters is quite common.

Therefore, BellaBot can at least slightly improve the personnel situation in the restaurant business. The products of the Chinese company are in demand now, about two thousand restaurants around the world are using PuduTech appliances.