At this year’s CES, Aō Air, a startup company that originated in New Zealand and is now based in Portland, introduced an air purification mask called the Atmos.

The Atmos Faceware is basically an air filter that looks very futuristic. It is designed as a solution to ever-increasing air pollution. The device is supposed to provide people with clean air by covering their nose and mouth. The distinctive feature of the Atmos face mask is that it doesn’t need an airtight seal, unlike other masks that are already on the market. Instead, it uses a patented PositivAir technology.

Our PositivAir™ technology utilizes fans to create a positive pressure clean air environment for you to breathe freely requiring no seal around the mouth and nose. This system allows clean, cool air to comfortably escape the mask around the face creating a continuous, oneway outflow that keeps outside air out.

As the Atmos is transparent, it allows you to see a facial expression of the person wearing it. Moreover, this air purification gadget provides an air quality that is fifty times better than the leading face masks that you can buy nowadays.

Creating such devices at a time like this is hugely relevant because inhalation of polluted air is harmful to people’s lives as dirty air can increase the risk of strokes, cancer, and heart diseases. Considering the fact that the world is suffering from massive fires and disasters that they cause, access to clean air is crucial.

The air mask will come at $350 when it will be shipping in July this year and is already available for pre-order. A USB cable and a carrying case are included. However, people who really need this technology because they live in an environment where there’s a lack of clean air because of smoke or other factors may find this device too pricey.