Every year, the number of issues related to the confidentiality of information increases. This is where the new “Bracelet of Silence” enters the game. The bracelet that stifles all the microphones nearby was specially created for those who fear that outsiders will hear the information voiced by them.

The “Bracelet of Silence” allows guaranteed protection from a vast number of listening devices, including smart speakers. After you turn it on, the bracelet will stop recording anything, and other devices will not be able to “hear” anything, as certain sound waves from the bracelet will interfere with them.

A team of computer science professors at the University of Chicago has already ensured mass production of the “Bracelet of Silence.” By the middle of this year, the new device called Wearable Microphone Jammer will be available for purchase to everyone, and scientists are going to sell it for $20 per device.

According to scientists, their unique bracelets can drown out more than 99.5% of all existing recording devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches. When using a Wearable Microphone Jammer, you can be sure that third parties will not be able to record any sound. It can be very important, for example, during closed meetings.

Microphones will be stifled no matter how loudly you speak. Currently, this bracelet cannot jam microphones selectively, so when it is turned on, all devices stop working while the bracelet is in range. The human ear does not hear the ultrasound it produces.

It is noted that one such bracelet can create a “sound barrier” for microphones located at a distance of up to 10 meters. It is more than enough to fully protect yourself from wiretapping. This microphone jammer will be sold in the USA and Europe.

It is difficult to say how popular the Wearable Microphone Jammer from American scientists will be. We have nothing to do but wait for its launch on sale and see the results of the first independent tests.