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TeamViewer Users Are Experiencing Connectivity Issues with the Server

During the first two hours of existing issues, the website was indicating that everything worked fine, but after numerous complaints, TeamViewer reported a problem.

Don’t Panic: There’s Good News Regarding Coronavirus, Too

Having to stay at home all the time can make some people depressed and devastated, but we’ve prepared some pieces of good news regarding coronavirus to make you feel better.

A New $20 “Bracelet of Silence” Jams Any Spying Microphones Nearby

A new invention in the form of a bracelet – a wearable microphone jammer – can drown out more than 99.5% of all existing recording devices.

Tesla Stock Price Exceeds $500 for the First Time in History

Tesla's market capitalization now exceeds $94 billion, which is more than the capitalization of the automotive giants like Ford and General Motors put together.

A Popular ToTok Messenger Turned out to Be a Tool for Government to Spy on People

ToTok, a chat app that has millions of users in the United Arab Emirates and around the world, turned out to be a tool that allows the government to spy on its users.

The Annual Worst Passwords List

The “donald” password is not among the 25 most dangerous and most commonly leaked passwords. Still, this year, the most popular passwords are almost identical to those ones of 2018.

Everything You Need to Know About the “Cats” Movie

In order not to let you mess everything up and brag about your impressive intellectual abilities, we’ve prepared a short summary of necessary information about the famous “Cats” musical.

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