Apple's guarantee doesn't cover damages that are caused by water, but it actually should, because the latest iPhone models can survive even prolonged water immersion. It has been proven at Disney World in the US city of Orlando, Florida.

In October 2019, Lisa and Jacob Troyer and their daughter Sophie were on vacation at Disney World. Everything was fine until Lisa dropped her iPhone 11 into the artificial lake Seven Seas Lagoon. Since the iPhone fell to the bottom of the lake, Lisa did not expect to return the device.

Nevertheless, without hope for success, Lisa provided a Disney World employee with her contact details. That same employee informed the woman that the resort had a team of scuba divers who often returned lost goods.

Almost two months later, the phone was sent to her by mail. Despite lying in the water all this time, it was still working. Lisa managed to recover all the pictures from her vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. She noted that in addition to a small number of algae and sand in a thin silicone case, her phone looked no worse than before it had fallen on the bottom of the lake.

Impressed by the water-resistance properties of the iPhone 11, Lisa wrote about her experience to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who then thanked her for sharing her story.

iPhone 11 is protected by the IP68 standard, which in theory, allows it to survive in the water for half an hour at a depth of no more than two meters. In reality, it can hold out in much harsher conditions, but this does not negate the fact that Apple will refuse warranty if there is liquid inside the case. Probably the whole point is that it is complicated to prove how long and at what depth the iPhone was in the water.