Apple taught iOS 13.5 beta 3 to recognize a user with a mask on the face and immediately offer to enter a digital password. When there is no mask on the face, Face ID works as usual.

At the moment, if you wear a medical mask and want to unlock the iPhone with Face ID, you first need to remove the mask. Otherwise, there will be a slight delay until the phone realizes that it cannot recognize your face and opens a screen for entering a password.

In the new version of iOS 13.5 beta 3 that was released on Wednesday for testing by developers, Face ID determines the mask on the user's face and, in this case, accelerates the transition to unlock the iPhone with a password. Now, the transition will be very fast.

This feature is already available to beta testers of iOS 13.5. The release for all users is expected only in the fall.

Due to the pandemic, the Face ID system has been criticized because it is hard to unlock the smartphone when wearing a mask.

Rumors that Apple will return the Touch ID fingerprint scanner to the flagship iPhone 12 have recently resumed on the network. It will be embedded under the screen instead of being placed on the home button.

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