Sony has announced the global launch of Access controller – its highly customizable controller kit for the PlayStation 5, which is scheduled for December 6. The controller is designed primarily for gamers with disabilities who may have difficulty using the standard DualSense controller.

Developed in collaboration with accessibility experts, the Access controller can be placed on any surface and features customizable buttons to suit individual needs.

Gamers will have the option to use two Access controllers simultaneously alongside the DualSense controller. Preorders for the Access controller will begin on July 21, with a price tag of $89.99/€89.99.

The controller offers various features, including customizable layouts, 360° orientation support, and compatibility with third-party accessibility accessories through four 3.5mm expansion ports. Users can map buttons to create up to 30 control profiles, toggle commands on/off, adjust stick settings, or even disable buttons altogether to prevent accidental presses.