Sony has officially introduced the updated PlayStation 5, offering a sleeker and more compact design. This new iteration of the PS5 comes with 1TB of storage, an upgrade from the original models' 825GB. What's intriguing about this version is the detachable disc drive, which can be purchased separately and installed even on the digital-only PS5.

The PS5 Slim has reduced its size by over 30% and weight by 18% to 24% compared to its predecessors, making it more portable. Sony plans to launch it in the U.S. this November, gradually expanding its availability worldwide. Once the current PS5 model sells out, the Slim will become the sole option.

Prices for the PS5 Slim in the U.S. start at $449.99 for the digital edition and $499.99 for the version with a disc drive. In Europe, it's 449.99 EUR for the digital edition and 549.99 EUR for the disc drive version.

Additionally, Sony will offer a range of colorful PS5 console covers in early 2024. These include an all-matte Black color and the Deep Earth Collection in Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver. Prices for these covers start at $54.99.