Samsung has launched a new feature called Temporary Cloud Backup, offering users of Galaxy smartphones and tablets a convenient way to safeguard their data. This international release aims to alleviate concerns about data loss, particularly when users need to transfer data to a new device or send their gadget for repairs.

Temporary Cloud Backup is linked to a user's Samsung account rather than a specific device. This allows users to back up their old smartphone, reset it to factory settings, sell it, and then retrieve their data on a new device from the cloud. The option to utilize this service will be presented during the setup of a new device. Even if users initially skip this step during the initial setup, they can still access the temporary backup in the repair mode or the "Reset" section of the settings.

This feature enables users to preserve data from Samsung apps, account settings, third-party applications, photos, documents, and other files. Temporary Cloud Backup keeps this data separate from regular Samsung Cloud backups and does not overwrite existing backups. Users will receive a notification seven days before the backup is deleted.

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While there is no limit to the total volume of files that can be uploaded to the cloud, each file must not exceed 100 GB in size. Uploading and downloading files through this function is limited to Wi-Fi connections.

Starting this fall, Temporary Cloud Backup will become available on all Samsung smartphones and tablets featuring One UI 6, beginning with the flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Z series. The rollout will be gradual, with no specific timeline provided by the manufacturer.