OpenAI has partnered with the American startup Figure to unveil Figure 01, a humanoid robot powered by ChatGPT's advanced AI capabilities. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in merging digital intelligence with physical tasks, showcasing a future where robots can understand, interact, and assist in real-world environments.

Figure 01 stands out for its ability to process and respond to human interactions in real time, using OpenAI's large vision language models for reasoning and language comprehension. Demonstrations reveal the robot's capacity to identify objects, answer questions, and even perform tasks like handing food upon request. This humanoid robot, equipped with sophisticated neural networks, excels in executing fast, precise, and dexterous actions.

By October 2023, Figure 01 had mastered basic autonomous tasks and secured its first commercial contract to be used at a BMW car manufacturing plant. This progress led to the announcement of a second-generation machine and a formal collaboration with OpenAI to develop cutting-edge AI models tailored for humanoid robots.

Robotics Startup Figure Unveils Its New AI-Powered Humanoid Robot
The robot’s distinctive feature is an artificial intelligence system that allows it to think, learn, and interact with its environment and people around it and improve its capabilities over time.

The partnership is expected to dramatically enhance the robots' ability to understand spoken words and interact with their environment, thanks to OpenAI's expertise in AI and Figure's proprietary technology. This fusion of AI and robotics holds immense potential for applications in various sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare, addressing labor shortages and improving efficiency.