Less than two months left the world to see the much-expected new fruit from Apple. The company is going to release the three versions of the smartphone at once. Some web sources say that the 11th generation of smartphones will have the Lightning connector, A13 chip, and the new Taptic Engine. By the way, this engine is going to take the place of 3D Touch feature.
Meet the new design of the camera. First of all, the iPhone 11 will have a triple-camera system on the square podium on the backside of the gadget instead of the previous vertical camera. Wide-angle camera from the trio can capture the bigger area in the framed part and the perspective. The front-facing camera received upgrades as well and capture 120 fps in slo-mo.
The screen resolution remains the same as it was in iPhone of X series so that OLED Super Retina will be there.
In general, the exterior of the newborn will be favored to the Apple brand style. More details about the colors and other modifications of these three new gadgets the customers will get in fall after the official release. See you in September, Mr. iPhone 11!