Xiaomi introduced the new Mi 9 Pro 5G smartphone at today’s presentation.


The design of the new smartphone is relatively simple. The device comes in two colors: Dream White and Titanium Black.


The Xiaomi novelty is as light as a waffle bar weighing only 196 grams.


Considering the new name of the phone introduced at the beginning of the presentation, it is evident that the comparison between 4G and 5G networks was made. The difference is immense.

Storage Capacity

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G has a Snapdragon 855 Plus processor and comes with a memory combination of 12 GB of RAM and 512Gb of storage.


Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro has a large battery with a capacity of 4000mAh, and it is the first time the smartphone got three types of a fast charging which are: Mi Charge Turbo with a capacity of 40W, 30W, and 10W. Mi Charge Turbo (40W) can fully charge your smartphone in 48 minutes.


Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro is fitted with a 6,39-inch AMOLED display, which occupies 90,7% of the front panel. The cover glass is the sixth generation Gorilla Glass.


The three sensors of a primary camera are the followings: 48MP + 16MP and + 12 MP. Thanks to the laser focus system, it is extremely easy to take a picture even at nighttime.

What else is cool?

NFC support and partnership with Xiaopeng Automobile let using the smartphone as a car key. However, it is only relevant to China. Also for the first time in Xiaomi smartphones timeline, Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro gets the loudest speaker among all other Xiaomi smartphones. The starting price is $520 and reaches the maximum of $604. The smartphone that comes at a very reasonable price along with some great opportunities, such as 5G support, can be available to everyone just like that waffle bar.