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NFC (near-field communication) is a wireless technology that enables short-range communication between compatible phones, laptops, tablets, or other devices. NFC can operate within a radius of 4 cm, while one device sends signals, and another one receives them. This technology is free and does not rely on LTE, 3G, or Wi-Fi.

Razer Unveils the World's First Prepaid Card That Lights up on Payment

Razer teamed up with Visa to unveil the Razer Card, a credit card with cashback and useful gamers features.

WWDC 2020: Apple Presented Car Key for Wirelessly Unlocking Your Car With an iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple presented wireless car unlocking with the help of an iPhone. Other automakers also offer digital keys with similar capabilities, but they provide separate apps, whereas Apple directly built it into iOS.

Xiaomi Shared Details of Mi Watch with eSIM and NFC. An Apple Watch Competitor?

A small smartphone on your wrist. All the handy sought-after tools are already integrated.

Ultra-Thin and Ultra-Stylish: Lenovo Introduced the Thinnest Speaker in the World

The thinnest speaker manufactured by Lenovo is easy to use and very affordable. It is simple to connect it to your smartphone as the speaker supports NFC, along with Siri, Google Assistant, and even Microsoft Cortana.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G: Affordable and Multifunctional

The new Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G smartphone introduction is finally here. The smartphone that comes at a very reasonable price along with some great opportunities, such as 5G support, can be available to everyone just like a waffle bar.

Starbucks Created a Pen for Contactless Payments for Japan Customers

Japanese Starbucks coffee-lovers will get a 2-in-1 device: a stylish, functional pen and a quick way to make payments in the best-loved coffee store.

New Era of Payments. POS Machine in Your Phone

SoftPOS is a new solution that makes entrepreneurs’ life much easier and more convenient.

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