Recently YouTube updated the terms of use. By this, starting from December 10, video hosting moderators will be able to block access to an account if the owner doesn’t aim to wholly or partly monetize its activity on the platform. Anyway, neither a YouTube account nor the Google account can let you enter your page.

YouTube is going to inspect whether an account has the commercial sense for its owner and may abolish the access if there is no money-making strand.

There is no specification in the user agreement, which expound the particular criteria that video hosting will select potential accounts to block.

As Mashable and HypeBeast inform, YouTube can delete any page which simply doesn’t bring profit to the service, although the company’s representatives haven’t expressed their point yet.

Members of the Google support forum are confident that YouTube can delete all inactive accounts altogether. Probably, by this innovation in the future, the administration of the service intends to lessen the number of existing free version pages, putting above only business-directed accounts.