The Walt Disney Company reported that about 10 million users signed up for new streaming service within 24 hours right after the launch.

Disney itself shared the details of statistics. From among those 10 million active users, some choose a 7-days free trial subscription. It's too early to make conclusions and say the exact number of users as not all of them will extend the subscription.

On the other hand, the Disney+ mobile app was downloaded more than 3.2 million times in the first day, as an analytical company Apptopia reported. The Netflix app in its turn was installed 662,000 times worldwide for the same period, and Netflix has 140,000 downloads in the U.S.; Canada and the Netherlands made 140,000.

The very dynamics positively affected the growth of Disney shares by almost 7% for the last day. With this, the price for one unit reached $148.23, comparing to Netflix, whose shares value is $284.40, which means falling for 2.6 percent.

P.S. Disney invites all users to browse its masterpieces for $6.99 per month and here is a small trailer with excellent fragments you may adore.