We will tell you about 8 key signs that will help you understand whether your New Year’s Eve night was a blast.

1. The next morning, you don’t have a hangover at all. You just don’t feel it. For some reason, though, you also can’t feel your legs.
2. Your feet strangely stick to the floor in your apartment. And the smell of champagne is everyone.
3. The morning after, no one will remember that you were being nasty or did any awful things. Because everyone will hardly remember their names.
4. Now you can distinguish serpentine from confetti to taste. Turns out, they come in different flavors.
5. On the floor around the Christmas tree, you can notice traces trampled by you rockin’ around it.
6. A sink, a bathtub, a toilet bowl, and an aquarium cannot be distinguished from each other. And you’d better not see them.
7. You woke up next to a police officer you don’t know, and he has a hangover.
8. The snowman in the yard is in your girlfriend’s underwear.