According to the estimates of the crypto investment bank HASH CIB, at least ten Telegram Open Network (TON) investors are ready to leave the project and get their investments back.

These ten investors are inclined to take away 72% of the invested funds. This offer looks much better than in October if we take into consideration the current situation in the financial markets.

In October 2019, Durov offered investors to withdraw 77% of the invested funds or sign an additional agreement to extend the project launch deadline until the end of April 2020. At the same time, if TON would not have been launched before April 30, Durov promised to return 72% of the investments – he was going to spend the remaining 5% on the further development of the project.

Also, the Telegram team can still register a deal with the SEC and thereby recognize Gram as security. However, an IPO before April 30 is merely impossible, because such a process requires at least a year.

Another option is to make American investors leave the project and launch TON without their participation, however, lawsuits from other investors may follow.

Earlier, the court granted the SEC request against TON. Just like the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the court considered Gram tokens to be securities.

Pavel Durov’s team appealed the court decision. However, it is unlikely that anything will change. At this point, appealing no longer makes any sense.