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Gram is a cryptocurrency that is native to the TON Blockchain. This type of currency was developed by the Telegram team in the hope that Gram will improve the speed, efficiency, and security to everyday commercial transactions around the globe. No Grams have been issued yet, and nobody is available to buy them. Once the Ton Blockchain launches, Gram will also become available. Telegram also indicates that won’t help anyone get rich as they can lose all their monetary value in the future.

Telegram and SEC Concluded a Settlement Agreement. Durov Will Pay a Fine of $18.5 Million and Return $1.22 Billion to TON Investors

On June 25, it became known that Telegram and the SEC entered into an agreement of lawsuit, under which Durov’s team would pay a fine of $18.5 million, and would also be obliged to return $1.22 billion to investors.

The TON Blockchain Platform Development Team Stops Participating in the Project

TON development team stops its active participation in the project for the reasons we wrote about earlier. The efforts of the team were redirected to other projects.

Telegram Lawyers Withdrew an Appeal Over the Ban of Selling Gram Tokens in the United States

On May 12, Pavel Durov announced the closure of the Telegram Open Network (TON) project. That's why the lawyers of Telegram Group Inc. decided to withdraw a March appeal against a court order banning the sale of Gram.

The Official Durov's Announcement That Telegram's Active Involvement With TON Is Over

Many investors did not believe that the TON project would start either this year or a year later, and they were right. Today, Pavel Durov officially announced that Telegram's active involvement with TON is over.

TON Investors Believe That Telegram Refuses to Launch Its Blockchain Platform

TON investors have been receiving many letters from Durov’s team since April 30, but still have not received an exact answer whether the blockchain platform will ever be launched or not.

Pavel Durov Refused to Give the Gram to Investors in 2021 and Will Return the Money to American TON Investors

US investors received a new letter from the Telegram Open Network team, in which they are offered only one way out – to take back 72% of the investments.

Postponement of the TON Launch: Investors Will Get Their Money Back with Telegram Shares

Durov's blockchain platform should be launched today, but as expected, this did not happen. At night, Durov sent a letter to all investors offering to return 53% more investments than promised.

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