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Gram is a cryptocurrency that is native to the TON Blockchain. This type of currency was developed by the Telegram team in the hope that Gram will improve the speed, efficiency, and security to everyday commercial transactions around the globe. No Grams have been issued yet, and nobody is available to buy them. Once the Ton Blockchain launches, Gram will also become available. Telegram also indicates that won’t help anyone get rich as they can lose all their monetary value in the future.

The SEC Has Additional Arguments Against Telegram

Former Telegram Chief Investment Adviser John Hyman swore testimony from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The obtained information can be used against Durov, Telegram Group Inc., and TON Issuer Inc.

TON Investors Asked the Court Not to Disclose the List of Their Names

Investors asked the court to prevent the disclosure of the names. The court may make exceptions if this data is not important for the outcome of the case.

SEC Against Telegram: A Third Party May Appear in the Court

While the litigation between the US SEC and Telegram is in full swing, it became known that the Chamber of Digital Commerce wants to intervene as a third independent party.

Telegram and the SEC Require to Expedite Their Case. Both Sides Published Their Positions

The Telegram Group and the SEC appealed to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York with a request to expedite their case, while also announcing their positions.

Liquid Crypto Exchange Returns Money to Users Who Bought Gram

Liquid PR campaign attracted investments in a total of $1 billion but did not directly make any deals with Pavel Durov’s company.

The Court Attacks Telegram Again: The Court Ordered Telegram to Disclose Pre-ICO Financial Information by February 26

The US District Court made the final decision and will not extend the deadline for submitting financial documents. Telegram has time to provide required materials until February 26.

SEC Filed Invoices of Telegram Token Sale After Pre-ICO to the Court

The SEC provided evidence of Telegram tokens sales after the pre-ICO, which Telegram refused to give earlier. Now, Telegram says that it will most likely not have time to provide the SEC with the required information before the next hearing.