Updated on Thursday, Apr 2, 2020 – at 21:55 UTC: The incident has been resolved.

As of the night of April 2, the incident has been resolved

Unfortunately, the world's leading repository hosting service – GitHub – that provides hosting for software development version control using Git is not working at the moment.

Again, the problem may possibly be caused by quarantine. Since everyone is obliged to stay at home, the network is overloaded.

Let us remind you that not so long ago, a massive number of users could not use the PayPal payment system and TeamViewer remote access service for the same reason.

For those who do not know what GitHub is:

GitHub is a project hosting service online and code version management system, as well as a social networking platform designed for developers.

What is GitHub used for?
Among other things, it allows you to work together with other people around the world, plan your projects, and keep track of your work. GitHub is also one of the largest online collaboration repositories worldwide.

GitHub current status